Thursday, December 3, 2009

I think people find the point in bloging the idea there talking to some one. Like when you have a problem that your leting it out and washing it away. Teknecly if you blog you are talking to people its just that they have the option to answer or not. If you blog i dont think automatically you are narcastic but theres a good chans you are . Lots of people blog just to keep others informed and so on. Bloging Is talking and tons of people love to talk but it dusent bring them closer to gether in some ways i think.  I mean you cold blog about wanting to have a meeting and then all get together but i think its more likely to be an over the phone convocation wich means i think its puling people apart. However if the blog is about a big project or technology then in a way i think is more use full. Some one might post something interesting and a new idea might be born. However it  is ez on such a publicly edited place for the info to become inaccurate and then the entire thing is then garbage.

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